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Welcome to hammockcamping.uk, a site dedicated to woodland swingers and all things bushcraft.

Home from home

Hammock camping is growing in popularity, and people are looking for places to camp. In Scotland where there are few restrictions on where you can wild camp, finding sites to pitch your hammock isn’t such a problem. In England, there are a number of camp sites which are now catering to hammock campers and we’ll be adding more names in coming months and inviting campsites to consider adding woodland pitches to their services.

A Different Type of Camping

My idea of camping is not sat on hardcore, with a tarmac area for the car by my pitch and a leylandii screened mini garden boxing me in from the neighbours. As an American friend feels ” that’s just swapping watching TV at home for staying a week in a nylon prefab where you can watch TV with a less uncomfortable bed.” There’s also an increasing number of people who want and enjoy a camping experience which is more natural.

The success of Ray Mears and courses, books and websites dedicated to bushcraft highlights a segment of society who don’t want to go glamping. They want something closer to nature. Less commercialised and simpler. That said, most want enjoyable holidays where simple doesn’t mean uncomfortable.

Hammock camping gives a taste of that world, and with a little thought and preparedness, you can be warm, well fed and comfortable. Your children can have an adventure. It’s about building memories. Escaping the modern, fast paced world, and what can be incredible relaxation. Whether you’re a highly active hiker who wishes the lightest of equipment, a cyclist or biker who wants pack small kit, someone who creaks too much to sleep on the ground or a hedonist who wants comfort and to be well fed, hammock camping caters to a wide range of people.

It’s a hobby, an interest, and an escape… and a relatively inexpensive one too!

Tired of Tents but Love Camping?

If you find:

  • tent camping uncomfortable;
  • waking up in a tent to be like an unwelcome sauna experience;
  • broken tent poles a pain;
  • pitching tents a cause of family arguments;
  • air mattresses let you down;
  • sleeping mats leave you with backache;
  • level pitches rarely are;
  • yourself yearning for a more natural form of camping…

…switch to a hammock. With a little planning and the right kit you sleep incredibly well, you don’t get bitten and you stay dry. More, there’s a sense of freedom, relaxation and escape which other forms of camping simply don’t deliver.

Here rests a happy man

Wild Camping Experience and Convenience?

You can have the best of both worlds. While some people are quite happy to wild camp and wash in a stream and dig a latrine, personally I still like a decent loo and a hot shower. Others feel nervous of camping on their own in the wilds.

Although hard to find, there are campsites which cater to the hammock campers like me who sometimes want the best of both worlds. These tend to be smaller, family owned, and less commercialised sites, often owned by farming families, although I know some larger sites in stunning locations where I’m happy to have my bacon sarnies cooked for me in the morning, swim in their pool and spend my days resting on the beach next door for a week (picking mussels and finding yes, there is such a thing as a free lunch!). On other occasions I’ll happily leave people and the world behind to grab some wilderness time.

Solo or social, wild camp or camp site, a night with friends and family gathered round a fire or enjoying peaceful solitude… it’s up to you.

Campsites with Facilities

More campsites are waking up to the advantages of providing wooded areas for their customers. There isn’t the bother of dead patches of turf after an 8 man tent has been glued to it for a week. Pitches don’t need to be spirit level flat to avoid complaints from suburbanites. Patches of woodland on sites can be a low maintenance source of revenue. We’ll be contacting more campsites to find ones which can cater to hammock campers. If you’re a campsite owner, we’ll list your details for free. No catch… we want people to find places to enjoy hammock camping and yes, we’re especially happy to hear from small campsites too who may only have a couple of sites suitable for hammocks to be hung from trees! Hammock Camping UK is a community resource, not a commercial endeavour.

We’ll be sharing tips to make your break a truly relaxing time, for you to eat well and keep the children (and yourselves) entertained. Honestly, what could be more relaxing than swaying in a hammock? My daughter and I love it.

Is Hammock Camping Comfortable?

Yes. Not only that but neuroscientists at the University of Geneva conducted a study into sleep involving hammocks and found people go to sleep faster, slept deeper and more easily than in conventional beds! The rocking as you fall asleep actually affects your brain waves, and in a good way. There’s also thought that the sleeping position improves blood circulation and provides less constriction on airways, meaning more oxygen to the brain according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Google it if you don’t believe me, but it matches my own experience.

You get closer to nature than you do in a tent. Imagine waking in the morning to find red squirrels under your hammock playing with your shoes, or a deer being 20′ away and staring at you. Lying at night, swaying very gently, listening to tawny owls (or just curled up with a Kindle). Making your morning coffee while still in bed!

New to Hammock Camping and Need Advice?

No problem. We have a group on Facebook packed with newbies and old hands. Lovely, friendly and helpful people with an ethos that there’s no ‘right or wrong’ way, only ones which don’t, and no such thing as a silly question. Lots of tips. If you’re considering buying equipment, what better than asking others their experience. If you want to make your kit, there’s others who have. A place to make friends or simply share a common interest, and photos, videos and your experiences should you wish to.

While we’re ‘Hammock Camping UK’, if you live in another country you’re very welcome to join our Facebook Group, and we have members from Europe, the Far East and America. All we ask is that English is used.