Storage: Buggy Bags

mesh bagConvenience is the key when thinking storage when hammock camping. You want to keep your things dry. You also want to keep them off the ground, and for the things you may want to get at, at night, you want them close to hand (so you don’t have to climb out of bed, then have to re-arrange all your bedding before you climb back in – eliminate the FAFF).

The ridge line which supports the tarpaulin above your hammock is ideal to suspend things from. My torch, drinking bottle, fire striker and knife all hang from my ridge line on carabiner hooks, ready for use day or night without my getting vertical. What about things you can’t clip to a carabiner? Your book, tissues, midge repellent…? A netting bag which hangs from the ridge line under tarp is ideal for these, but where can you buy them, and how much do they cost. Forget custom or bespoke versions. We like to go cheap when there’s no compromise on functionality. We’re not proud… we use BUGGY BAGS!

Those little netting bags which hang off the back of pushchair or buggy handles. Good old Amazon gives a number of alternatives, and we found one with dreadful reviews which was ideal for us. It’s a bit too small for a pram or buggy (hence the poor reviews), but large enough so it can take all those little items you may wish to reach for in bed. One man’s unsuitable product is another man’s ‘holy grail’ and they only cost £1.68! In each corner at the top is a loop, and these little netting bags live permanently on my ridgeline.

If the hanging loops are too long on the bag you buy, slice them and tie them to mini carabiners. Then you can clip on, clip off.. have fun!

You don’t want a large or low hanging netting bag smacking you in the head whenever you get out of bed. You want something a little large than paperback size for all those odds and ends. These really do fit the bill, and they’re light too.