Cheese Stuffed Burger Dawgs

As with any idea from Youtube… experiment (and remember, everything’s better wrapped in bacon!).

We take this simple idea, of wrapping mince meat around a stick of cheddar cheese before barbecuing, and improve on it.

Make sure you season that mince. Chopped garlic, salt and black pepper’s essential. You also want mince with a good fat content for flavour. 85% lean is fine. If you can buy pepper jack cheese locally, we’d strongly recommend this for your cheesy filling. Can’t buy pepper jack locally? Then alongside your stick of cheddar, put finely diced fresh jalapeno. Add herbs and spices to the mince if you wish. A dash of chilli sauce. Swap mozzarella for the cheddar or why not try a bit of stilton instead. Play to your heart’s content!



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