DD Hammock Tarpaulins

DD Hammock is a UK based hammock camping equipment supplier. Within their tarpaulin range are two in particular which we like. The word ‘basha’ is a one used for a temporary shelter (not one of my father’s more colourful friends before people get confused).

DD Tarp/Basha 3m x 3m

diamondhangThis is a great little tarp. Lightweight with 19 suspension/attachment points allowing you to rig it up in a number of different ways. Above a hammock, we find hanging the tarp in a folded diamond shape (see pic) does best to keep you dry in the rain. A 3m x 3m size tarp is large enough to keep you dry and fully cover an adult hammock when hung in this way.

Remembering our school maths and things about measuring the hypotenuse, suspended as a diamond, a 3m x 3m tarp covers 4.24m of ridge line (…just making a point to my daughter, learning to calculate a hypotenuse can be helpful in life).

Olive green, the tarp weights only 790grammes and includes 4 guy lines and 4 tent pegs. There’s a choice of two colours: olive green or coyote brown. I like the green ones.

ddtarpXLDD Tarp/Basha 4m x 4m

As above, but 4m x 4m, and weighing 1.25kg.

See our review

DD Tarp/Basha XL

As above, but 3m x 4.5m and weighing 1.02kg.

DD Superlite Tarp

As above, but 3m x 2.9m and only 460grammes. Ideal for the hiker who wants to cut down only every gramme carried!


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