Drunken Chicken

Ain’t she lovely

I tried this a couple of years ago. Drunken chicken is a popular way to barbecue chicken in the States (it’s also called beer can chicken). Essentially, you roast a chicken in a closed barbecue, but the chicken rests on a can of open beer which is placed up its bottom. It’s alright… the chicken’s dead first! The idea is to steam the chicken on the inside while it roasts.

Now you don’t need to use beer. You can fill the beer can with water instead or cider. Having learned that you can now buy white wine in a can (shudder) it seems there is now a reason, and just think of white wine steamed chicken as an alternative to cider in the following recipe.

Cider Can and Garlic Chicken

Empty a third of the chicken out, and pop four cloves of garlic inside the can. Slice up 50 grammes of butter, and feed that into the can too. Take another 50 grammes of butter and make up a bowl of garlic butter and baste the chicken with it.

In a covered barbecue, place coals in one side and light them. Place the grill on top and place the can on the side without the coals. You want the chicken cooked by indirect heat rather than directly over the flames.

The cooking time is approximately and hour and fifteen minutes. Periodically turn the chicken so each side is evenly exposed to the heat from the coals. Make sure you use a meat thermometer to check the chicken is cooked through. To check, push the thermometer deep into the breast. When the temperature reaches 75C it’s cooked.

The following video from the marvelous BBQ Pit Boys runs through their version. Beer can chicken.



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