Over time we’ll be adding various equipment reviews.

Equipment really is dependent on personal requirements. You may be wanting a hammock rig for a camp site you can drive to, home or need a light weight setup which is highly compact and suitable for long treks. You may also want a setup which you can use all year round (yes you can be cosy and sleep out in the snow), but for this you really do need some specialist equipment.

Size and body weight also is factor in choosing equipment. Hennessey Hammocks have a setup suitable for adults up to 7′ tall and 350 pounds in weight at the Rolls Royce end of the market. DD Hammocks are a UK based firm (meaning local customer service), their hammocks cater for people up to 20 stone, and they’re affordable and made to a high standard.

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We’ll also be putting up guides and links to guides on alternative suspension systems, cooking equipment and more.