Make Your Own Kit

Making your own kit isn’t just about saving money (although what’s wrong with that?). It’s about being creative, having a little fun, and the satisfaction of having an “I made this” sense of accomplishment.

We’ve a number of projects which you can do over the winter in preparation for camping the following year or lying in your hammock in the summer months.

Home made doesn’t mean poorer quality. Our homemade firelighters we prefer to the shop bought kind. They’re more reliable when it’s windy, pack smaller and we’ve even used them in the rain! We’ve picked projects which don’t require welding skills or specialist equipment, but for those of a particular engineering bent, take a look at the following video of a truly lovely camp stove made from a Red Bull can (our project for this winter!).


IMG-20150617-01028Check out our menu to the right for more ideas! Paracord bracelets are particularly fun to make (and useful too) and you can rock in your hammock churning these out ten to a dozen.

Once you get into making things with paracord, be warned, you’ll be using it for all sorts of projects. Check out these little beauties which we use to hang everything from torches to water bottles to knives from our tarpaulin ridge line. Attached to the ridge line with prusik knots (which can be slid up and down the ridge line by hand, but won’t slip!), everything is kept to hand and kept in place! The one for my torch hangs from luminous green paracord (no hunting to find it when you need the loo!).