Midwest Staple the BBQ Pork Steak

If you live in the Midwest United States you do not have to read any further just go ahead and fire up the grill and toss on the pork steaks.  If you have no clue what I am talking about read on and your taste buds will fall in love with you all over again.  For everyone that does not know, pork is one of the best meats to cook on the grill and can be even better if cooked over an open flame.

Boston_buttWhere to buy

Let’s backtrack a little for people that can’t just run down to the local market and pick up a lovely package of these babies. Pork steaks, some times known as pork blade steaks, are cut from the pork shoulder.  If your store doesn’t have these, you’ll have to find yourself a butcher.  Ask for a nice pork butt shoulder roast (this is also known as the Boston Butt) and have the butcher cut it into one inch thick steaks.  My mouth is already watering and we’re not even out of the shop yet.  Now this is not your lean ‘new wave’ healthy steak at all.  The flavour is in the fat!

Decisions, decisions

Now that you have your steaks what to do with them… so many choices.  Do we do a dry rub or wet sauce?  Do we slow smoke them or cook them hot and fast with crispy edges?  (This does not mean BURNED!)  There are so many options.  I think for our first time cooking these babies you should just do a basic hot and fast cook with crispy edges and finish up with some BBQ sauce.  Ooh so good!

Fire up the pit

barbecuepitFor your first time cooking these and to make it a bit easier, let’s cook them on a BBQ pit if you have one. A BBQ pit is a covered barbecue (every truck should have one). With these, you’ll find it easier to regulate the cooking heat compared to an open fire.  Start up your barbecue like you normally would to make a good hot fire.  I do this by stacking the briquettes in the middle of the pit and giving them a good douse of lighter fluid.  After a few minutes the coals will start to turn white.  Spread them out so you have a larger hot area to work with.

While the charcoal is getting going and before you spread them out you have time to do the prep work on the steaks.  Now you can get fancy but all you really need to do is rinse the steaks off in cool tap water and season them on both sides with salt and black pepper.  Yep that’s it that is all I use.  Next the sauce!  I prefer using my own but you do not have to and I will be adding my favorite BBQ sauces in the future.  If you do not have one yet any store brand that you like will work.  Pour the sauce into a large enough bowl that you can submerge the steaks into later one at a time.  Now we cook!

porksteakdoneOnce you have your coals spread out and the steaks are ready place them on the grill with about a inch between them.  You should be able to get six to eight on the grill at one time depending on the size of your grill of course.  If the fire flares up give it a little squirt of water to knock it back.  Close the lid and leave it sit for around 10 minutes.  Now I am not going to tell you have to put the crisscross patterns on them to make them look all pretty or anything like that.  Come on now we are here to eat not play checkers.  After around 10 minutes take a look at the steaks and see if they are done on the bottom side.  They should be a nice brown with little charring on the edges.  Time to flip and rotate the steaks if need be to get them all nicely cooked the same.  Close the lid and give them another 10 minutes or so to be cooked until they are done on both sides.  This is pork so I cook it until it is done all the way throw.  Once the steaks are done to your liking it is time for the BBQ sauce.  One at a time remove the steaks and completely submerge them into the sauce and return them to the grill.  Do this until all of them are covered.  Close the lid for about 3 or 4 minutes or until the sauce starts to turn sticky and coats the steaks.  The Meat Is Ready.


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