Smores the Merrier

toastingmarshmallowsMost of us will have enjoyed toasting marshmallows round a fire. Twenty years ago I remember a large biker (whose father was chief rabbi of Berlin) who’d manically shout “Daleks’ Brains” each time his marshmallow set alight and dissolved into a gooey mass. This was the same biker who gave me a mild concussion when someone dared to put vegetables on his barbecue. A corn on the cob hurled into the darkness found a target. Years later, whenever I toast a marshmallow I can hear his manic cry.

There is a ritual with toasting marshmallows (or should be!). Part of the fun is finding and selecting your marshmallow stick. Don’t take skewers with you. Use that penknife or parang to carve a spike on a stick. How often does one get a legitimate reason to whittle in life…

A final tip on marshmallows though, and selecting the right ones. Ones from Spar or Sainsbury’s are perfect. You want ones which catch alight so there’s that crunchy caramalised outside and a near liquid middle. Haribo marshmallows though just don’t do this so get the thumbs down from us for the purpose of pyromania.


smoreAs with anything in life, there is progress. That great evolutionary question “could you get better than this” was answered. The answer is smores. Take those still hot and gooey marshmallows and make the a filler for a chocolate digestive sandwich.

If you’re taking kids camping (regardless of whether they’re over the age of 40), smores really are a campfire essential.

Thanks to Ems for introducing these to me!

The Treble Marshmallow Stacker

My own addition… swapping chocolate digestives for ‘wagon wheels’. These have a layer of marshmallow (one kind with jam), so it’s the club sandwich variant in the toasted marshmallow world… and my own invention…


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