Campfire Baked Bananas

bakedbanana1One of camping’s easiest and tastiest deserts.

Baked bananas.


  • leave the bananas in their skin, but slice down one side;
  • wrap bananas individually in tinfoil;
  • place the wrapped bananas on the grey coals around the fire (not directly on the flames);
  • bake for ten minutes.

Want to make them even nicer?

Chocolate baked bananas

chocolatebakedbananaPress a Cadbury’s flake or chocolate buttons onto the banana while it’s still in the skin. Wrap up in tinfoil and cook as above.

Want to make them even nicer?

marshmallowbananaMarshmallow chocolate baked bananas

As before, but add chopped up pieces of marshmallow alongside the flake or (and?) chocolate buttons.

Want to make them even nicer?

…at home, do these in the oven then add ice cream. Just the grown up kids about… add a little slug of rum!