Make Your Own Stove

Making your own equipment isn’t just about saving money, or preparing yourself for survival in post apocalyptic Basildon (I mean, really?!?). It’s a bit of fun. The “I made that” moment.

Below we’ve linked a number of Youtube videos which show just some of the stoves you can make yourself, for pennies. They use the same concepts as those in commercial camping stoves… a fire needs fuel, oxygen and heat.

Please mind your fingers when making these, and don’t let your kids loose on these projects. It’s one for the adults.

We warn you, you’ll start looking at empty tins and cans in a whole new light.

Drink Can Alcohol Stove

The drawback and advantage with these stoves is you have to carry your own fuel with you. We prefer wood burning stoves, but if you set up camp and it’s been raining for hours, dry wood can be hard to find! A small bottle of methylated spirits and a drink can stove can either be a useful alternative or a backup. These are small stoves and ideally suited to the single camper/walker.

Something also to bear in mind is that on a windy day, alcohol stoves blow out! Better to have a wind shield with you (one can be made out of tinfoil or custom bought). You’ll also need to fashion something to stand your pots on above the flame, and also ensure the stove can’t tip over and rests on a flat surface.

Feeling more ambitious? Red Bull gives you… boiled water, and a camp stove which only weighs a few grammes.


Wood Gas Stove

My favourite stove to cook on. Highly efficient and you can put those twigs and pine cones to good use. Best of all, you don’t have to carry fuel with you, and the fuel’s free!


Hobo Wood Burning Stove