Weber Portable Barbecues

Weber is a high quality brand and their barbecue equipment highly rated. These are portable barbecues, but not for hikers. More the keep in the boot of the car kind and carry across a campsite. You can carry them to the beach though! Not the cheapest, but you pay for quality and in the long run, you’ll save money as they’re built to last.

We recommend two of their products in particular:

  • The Weber Smokey Joe Barbecue
  • The  Weber Jumbo Joe Barbecue

You can cook most things on a camp fire, but sometimes you need a little more control over the heat, and that ‘oven cooked’ effect. For that, simply, you need a barbecue with a lid. If you’ve read Thomas’s BBQ Pork Steak Recipe and want to give it a try on a ‘barbecue pit’, Weber barbecues are the ideal portable equipment.

smokeyjoeThe Weber Smokey Joe Premium Barbecue

Features of this little beauty include:

  • a 10 year guarantee;
  • a locable lid to make carrying easier;
  • 37cm cooking area;
  • anti rust aluminium vent;
  • weather proof handles.

These can even handle cooking a small Sunday joint. At home, use as a table top barbecue to enjoy on warm and even milder summer evenings.

The Weber Jumbo Joe Barbecue

A size yet still portable version of the Smokey Joe with a 50cm cooking area. Suitable for the larger crowd, and can handle a leg of lamb!


  • High Quality;
  • Large cooking area;
  • Versatile cooking including roasting.


  • Weight… it’s 9kg, but like me, it won’t blow over in a strong wind!

Ever fancied cooking pulled pork? Check out the Youtube video below which shows how it’s done on the Jumbo Joe. How better to judge if something’s right for you than to see it in action.