Nerf Wars

nerfgunYou’ve taken the kids, and there’s the inevitable matter of entertainment.

One thing we occasionally take with us are nerf guns.

The ammunition

If you haven’t come across these toys, they fire small foam darts with rubber tips (I’ve been hit in the eyeball and can still see, but sunglasses are probably a sensible idea). They’re ideal for children (including those in their 40s) and an alternative to water pistols where the weather isn’t quite warm enough to dry you out.

You can buy targets and darts with suckers on. An alternative are darts with the plain rubber tips, and the target is you (or your 9 year old)! Raucous fun which sees children running about and unglues them from i-pads and portable computer games.

Choose your weapon

nerfmachinegunFrom easy to pack small, single shot, spring loaded, pistols (the Nerf Gun Elite Jolt) to semi-automatic beasts which load magazines of ammo, there’s a huge number to choose from.

Nerf battles are a great way to interact with the children. You’re in the woods… you’ve got midge repellent used by Australian or American special forces in jungle warfare… take things that one step further!

If your daughter is into the Hunger Games and sees herself as Katniss Everdeen, a nerf bow fits the ticket. With sleeping up trees and a little bushcraft, you’ll have an adventuress by your side. Nerfing isn’t just for boys. Be an elven warrior, live for a moment in Game of Thrones, make Robin Hood come alive.

Buy extra ammo as inevitably a few darts will get lost, but they’re brightly coloured and easy to find. Face off that alien invasion… engage in guerrilla, and be a kid again. Go on, I dare you!