Lixada Portable Woodgas Stove

lixada2Woodgas stoves are a great pieces of kit. Compact and lightweight, you don’t need to carry fuel with you. Burn twigs, wood pellets, pine needles and pine cones. Proper camping!

The stove will also burn solidified alcohol, and just in case you can’t find dry wood when camping, it’s a good idea to carry a block or two of these for emergencies. You can also take wood pellets with you as emergency fuel. We use wood based cat litter!

A wonderful feature is that once the stoves are alight, the design draws smoke through the flame to give you smokeless cooking. It will smoke a bit while it gets going and if wood is slightly damp, but if there are midges about, this will keep them away.

My stove is identical to this and we use it all the time.

There’s no gas cannisters to carry, the fire is kept off the ground so despite a little ash to blow away, you’ll leave your campsite as you found it. It comes in a mesh bag for easy carrying.

Make sure you check out our home-made Vaseline firelighters which really do make lighting this a breeze. We keep a few of these inside a freezer bag inside the packed up stove, along with a mini firestick. Everything you need to get a fire lit, and the stove too.

A different woodgas stove is show in the video below, but they all do pretty much the same think. The Lixada has a couple of better design features though and bigger pot stand.



Biolite Wood Burning Camp Stove

Biolite Stove

The Biolite Wood Burning Camp Stove is an amazing piece of kit. If keeping a phone charged while camping is essential, the heat given off while you cook on the stove is converted into electricity and recharges an internal battery. That battery can also power a fan in the stove to dramatically speed up cooking times. Due to this, cooking performance is on a par with white gas stoves meaning you can boil water a litre of water in under 5 minutes.

The stove generates an impressive 2watts @ 5volts. How does this translate into charging time? 20 minutes of burning/cooking time will give you an hour of talk time on an iPhone4. Better still, because the stove has an internal battery which recharges while you cook, you can plug in your gadgets later to charge them from the stored electricity.

The stove will burn pine cones, twigs, and wood pellets. Where can you buy wood pellets easily… try wood pellet cat litter!

Anything that charges via a USB lead can be plugged into the USB charging socket, meaning you can recharge GPS gadgets, phones, torches and even a tablet. Yes you can watch movies in your hammock at night, and on each night of the holiday (if you really must!).


  • Height: 8 .25 inches;
  • Width: 5 inches
  • Weight: 2lb

Bear in mind because this is a wood burning stove, there is no need for you to carry fuel. It’s a space saver!


  • Biolite stove;
  • Instructions;
  • stuff sack;
  • USB cord (for internal battery charging);
  • firelighter.

Despite burning wood, due to the design this is a smokeless fire. Good for you, good for the environment, and very clever piece of kit.