Suspension Rigs: Whoopie Slings

whoopieIf you’re looking for the smallest, strongest and most light weight hanging system possible, you want whoopie slings. Whoopie slings are made from a material called Amsteel which is incredibly strong… essentially as strong as steel and far thinner and lighter than sailing rope. It’s so light in fact that it floats. For the walker/hiker who wants their kit to be light weight, it’s the best option.

Whoopie slings allow you to easily adjust their length, making sure you can set up your hammock in minutes. This rig involves no knots, meaning there’s no risk of your breaking your fingernails (or getting out your knife) when it comes to taking your hammock back down.

DD hammocks offer a complete kit, including 6ft long 2.5mm thick Amsteel whoopie slings, tree straps and carabiners for £30.95. The rig weighs only 260 grammes. DD Hammocks are a UK supplier whose equipment gets 5 star ratings.

2.5mm Amsteel has a minimum strength of 1,400lbs. A good guide for suspension ropes is that they should be able to hold 5 times your weight (to cope with the shock caused from tossing and turning and adjusting your sleeping position). For anyone under 20stone, 2.5mm Amsteel should be more than sufficient. If you’re heavier than this, don’t panic. Our O-Ring rig should do you (but make sure you research rope strength to ensure peace of mind).

Except for children, we don’t recommend you use paracord for hanging your hammocks. Paracord will stretch, and while the best quality will bear 550lbs, beware cord claiming to be authentic paracord. I’d trust paracord for my ridge line and guys lines for my tarpaulin, but not for my hammock.

The following video shows how you can attach a whoopie sling to your hammock (replacing the rope it came with). It also shows how incredibly easy it is to adjust the whoopie slings’ length.


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